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Aqui vai alguns exercícios para vocês praticarem:

Complete com past perfect:

a) He _____________ (jump) in the sea.

b) They _____________ (play) basketball at school.

c) She ______________ (write) a letter to her mother, but she lost it.

d) I ______________ (buy) two new pairs of sneakers.

Complete com past perfect e past simple:

a) Mark _____ already _______ (eat) all the cake when I _________ (arrive) home.

b) When Bill _________ (phone), I _____ already ______ (go) to school.

c) After we _____________ (read) the text, we ________ (talk) about it.

d) The children _____ already ______ (go) to bed when we _________ (arrive) home.

Complete com past simple:

a) I _______ (go) to the party last Saturday.

b) She _______ (sell) her old car.

c) He ________ (find) his pencil on the table.

d) They _______ (send) a letter to the principal.

Complete com past perfect continuous:

a) After I ________________ (walk) for an hour I decide to have a rest.

b) _____ you _____________ (read) this book?

c) She _________________ (wait) for a long time.

d) He _______________ (cry) a lot because he was sad.

Traduza as frases:

a) He get hurt when he was playing with matches.

b) The boy delivered the pizza and Mark paid for it.

c) I had read the book, so I wrote a composition.

d) I had already cooked dinner when you arrived.

Leia o texto a seguir e depois tente traduzi-lo:

 A Car Accidente

Some people are explaining to a policeman what they saw a few hours ago. ‘I saw there had been an accident. One car had run into another. I had just put some money in the bank cash-dispenser when I heard a horrible noise,’ a young woman says. ‘I had come round the corner when I saw a man had hit another driver,’ a lady explains. ‘I didn’t see what happened. I was working and suddenly I heard a strange noise. When I went out, the police had already arrived,’ a post office worker points out. ‘I had just arrived at the bus stop when I saw the car accident,’ a man says. ‘My brother and I had just bought some flowers at the florist’s. We were going to take a taxi when we heard the crash. We had never seen a car accident before,’ two young boys explain. ‘I didn’t hear any strange noise. You know, I’m quite deaf. I had bought a magazine at the news-stand and I was reading it on a bench,’ an old man tells the policeman. ‘Had any of you seen the drivers before the accident?’, the policeman asks.


7- Passe as frases para o reported speech usando says:

a) John: “I’ll travel to New York tomorrow.”

b) Julie: “I want to have a very cute pet.”

c) Sam: “Paul is a very intelligent person.”

d) Peter: “Edward will become a very famous doctor.”

e) Melissa: “I’m not very well today.”

f) Sara: “Beth is my best friend at school.”

Passe para o reported speech usando said:

a) Alice: “I want a new backpack to go to school.”

b) Simon: “I eat a sandwich every morning.”

c) Anthony: “Julia plays the electric guitar.”

d) Jennifer: “I won’t go to school because I’m not very well.”

e) Rebecca: “Claire may become a famous doctor.”


9- Traduza o texto:

Looking after a baby

Hello, I’m Pauline’s baby-sitter. Pauline is one year old and today is my first day with her, that’s why I’m very nervous. Her parents left home about one hour ago. They are having lunch with some friends of theirs. Before leaving they told me to give the baby her bottle every four hours. They also asked me to change her nappies when necessary and not to forget the baby lotion and the baby powder. They told me not to answer the phone, not to open the door to unknown people and to tidy up the baby’s rattles, bibs and toys. Besides, they told me not to let her cry and they asked me to give her, her dummy if she started crying when waking up. Her parents left me a telephone number in case something wrong happened. I haven’t telephoned yet and I hope I will not. The truth is that I’m looking after her quite well. The strangest thing is that they asked me not to make international telephone calls. Maybe they know my boyfriend lives in Canada.

Passe as frases para o reported speech:

a) Cristopher: “Do you want to dance?”

b) Betty: “When did you come?”

c) Ronald: “Where does Maria park her car?”

d) Mandy: “Can I help you?”

e) Fred: “Where does that girl live?

f) Andrew: “Will Sharon have lunch with Sue?”

Rewrite the active sentences in the passive. (Reescreva as frases para a voz passiva)

a) Someone sells tickets at the box office.

b) People built Stonehenge thousands of years ago.

c) Someone has fixed my car.

d) They opened three new hospitals last year.

Find and correct two sentences that are wrong. (Encontre dois erros nas frases abaixo)

a) The money was stole from the shop.

b) Dinner is usually served at 6 o’clock.

c) A new bridge will be built next year.

d) Spanish spoken inLatin America.

e) These cars are made inKorea.

Rewrite these sentences using a form of the passive. (Reescreva as frases usando a voz passiva)

a) People will eat six million hamburgers this year.

b) They cancelled the baseball game because of heavy rain.

c) A man told us not to walk on the grass.

d) How do people use chopsticks?

e) Someone cleans the kitchen every morning.

f) The police arrested the escaped prisoner late last night.

g) How did scientists discover DNA?

h) Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.

14 –
Use the correct tag question:

a) Is it hot today,           ?

b) Paul is a good boy,           ?

c) She was here,           ?

d) They were friends,           ?

e) You don’t live here,           ?

f) Let’s go to the costume party,          ?

g) I am very ridiculous,           ?

h) He doesn’t work in the afternoon,           ?

i) They won’t come on Friday,           ?

j) Help your brother with his homework,           ?

Rewrite the following sencentes in the passive voice:

a) I took the children to the cinema.

b) The students wrote these interesting texts about the school trip.

c) The Smiths bought the green house.

d) He always eats hamburger at that snack bar.

e) Somebody sent me a card.

16- Complete as frases com o condicional correto:

a) If you keep trying, you ………. succeed.

b) If the weather is fine, we ………. go to the mountains.

c) Where would you go if you ………. a rich person?

d) If I were you, I ………. go do that.

17- Qual a melhor opção que completa as frases abaixo?

a) If I could, I ………. tell everyone I love you.
I. Had    II. Will    III. Would

b)  If you had looked for it, you ………. found the book.
I. Will    II. Would have    III. Would

c) If you are hungry, we ………. buy a pizza.
I. Would    II. Will    III. Have

d) We ………. cleaned the kitchen, if we had had time.
I. Would have    II.   Will    III. Would

18- Acrescente o prefixo correto à cada palavra:

a) happy

b) fair

c) honest

d) polite

e) possible

f) agree

19- Todas as alternativas estão corretas, exceto:

a) disappointment

b) rewrite

c) impatient

d) imhappy

e) misfortune

20- Acrescente o sufixo certo e depois faça a tradução das palavras:

a) care

b) self

c) fool

d) race

e) help

21- Insira o pronome relativo correto nas lacunas abaixo:

a) I’m the teacher ………. wrote about the problems of the school.

b) Where is the book ………. I bought yesterday?

c) The players ………. scored the most points are the best ones.

d) Can I see the place ………. you were talking about?

e) I really admire doctors ………. help people cope with their problems.

22- Leia o texto abaixo, destacando os tempos verbais e os classificando em present simple ou present continuous:

Setting off for Camp

Here I am, in the summer camp! Every year in August I come to this summer camp in Italy. This is my fifth year. It’s only a fifteen days’ camp, but I enjoy it a lot. Today is my first day and I’m adjusting my tent’s elastic strainer. Some of my friends are inflating the air mattresses and others are arranging the camping equipment according to its use. For instance, Peter is tidying up the cooking set: coffeepots, frying pans, plates, etc. John is checking the lanterns and camp stoves. And Betty is placing the shovels and other tools in the wagon tent. But, where is Betty? Is she putting everything in order or not? No, she is not placing the tools. And, where is Patty? Isn’t she setting our backpacks and sleeping bags in order? No, she isn’t. Patty and Betty are resting together. They’re talking about their things. We are working a lot, but we are enjoying ourselves, too. And our monitors are helping us in everything.

Vocabulário de acampamento

23- Destaque no texto abaixo pequenas frases que estão no past continuous:

At the restaurant

These people were making a film. It was called Funny Stories. This was a scene from the film. It was the fourth time they had filmed it. The director was going to shout ‘cut’ in a second. Everybody was having dinner at a restaurant. A young couple were deciding what to order. She was looking at the menu and he was talking to her. A fair waitress was serving some sandwiches and a soft drink to a young boy who was looking at his watch. A waiter was clearing a table and another waitress was setting another table. An old man was paying his bill at the cashier’s. A young girl was having a salad and reading a newspaper. Another couple were having dinner. The man was drinking a beer and the lady was having a soup. Suddenly, she started to laugh. The director shouted ‘cut’ at exactly this point. He couldn’t understand what had happened. He asked the lady why she was laughing and she answered there was a fly in the soup. They all stopped and had a rest.

Vocabulário da cena

Confira as respostas somente depois de fazer!


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